Cupar Silo, Fife

Reverberation time - 37.5 seconds
Performance - Saturday 21 May 2016

This immense concrete structure was built in 1964 by the British Sugar Corporation and stands 58 metres high.

The unique acoustic characteristics of the space are immediately noticeable when you enter the silo. The slightest rustle reflects around the circular chamber and upwards towards the ceiling with a whispering gallery effect. Loud claps and impulses start with an almost rhythmic sequence of early reflections or flutters from the immediate concrete walls, followed by a large reflection from the ceiling to the floor extending into a smooth reverberation that appears to go on forever.

The extremely long reverberation time means it is possible to pluck the space like an instrument, with very short harmonic/musical bursts that the space would then stretch out, allowing individual notes to be layered into harmonies and chords in the air.