Tugnet Ice House, Spey Bay

Reverberation time - 2.5 seconds

Located between the River Spey and Moray Firth, Tugnet Ice House was once the heart of a thriving salmon fishing community.

Consisting of six chambers with beautiful vaulted brick ceilings and stone floors, the acoustic properties of the space are immediately noticeable when you enter the Ice House. They are short but highly resonant, particularly in the lower-mid frequencies. High frequencies seem to diffuse relatively quickly giving the chambers a drum-like quality.

Having six of these chambers at our disposal we experimented with speaker and microphone placement in different combinations, allowing the sound to pass through multiple chambers before reaching the microphone. This created complex reverberations of 4.6 seconds.

These acoustic properties allowed us to experiment with very fast, dry and abstract textures in the space that would make the building resonant easily, adding a unique, musical vibrancy to the signal coming from the speakers.