Wormit Reservoir, Fife

Reverberation time - 29.3 seconds

Wormit water reservoir was built in 1923 in anticipation of the population of the town growing, but war intervened and the reservoir was eventually decommissioned due to costs.

The acoustic characteristics of the reservoir are simply stunning. Similar to the nearby silo in Cupar, the reservoir exhibits an extremely long reverberation time. However, instead of travelling upward towards a high ceiling, the sound expands outward to the brick walls before reflecting back to the listener.

The rows of structural pillars in the space act as sonic diffusors, taming and smoothing reflections into a deep, etheric and musical reverberation with a beautiful low frequency response.

The long decay time in the space stretches the shortest impulses out into extensive and smooth tones, freezing sound in the air. The listener is given so much time to objectively experience the reverberation that the sound has an almost physical and tangible quality.